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International Trails Day

Markland Walk - International Trails Day
02 June, 2012

On Saturday, June 2nd, members of the Icelandic Memorial Society of Nova Scotia greeted 17 hikers at the cairn in Markland to celebrate International Trails Day. At 10 am, on a beautiful sunny morning, the group, made up of local residents and some visitors with strong Icelandic connections, made their way through the Icelandic settlement. This is the 10th anniversary of the first International Trails day walk through Markland, with some of the hikers joining the group each year including Siberian husky Sabaca.

One special guest included Finnur, an enthusiastic Icelandic dog owned by Myra Jerome. Along the way, visits were made to the sites of the homesteads, including the lot where the first Icelandic child was born in Nova Scotia and the site where the log kiosk will soon be constructed. Hikers admired the lady slippers and other fresh spring flowers along the 7 km route to Lot 23, the former Icelandic homestead of ├ôlafur ├×├│rsteinsson, now owned by Beverly and Harley Redden. Here, a hearty lunch was enjoyed, courtesy of the Society. Hikers relaxed by the campfire before being taxied back to their vehicles. It was another wonderful day in Markland.

Kathy Didkowsky


The Icelandic Memorial Society of Nova Scotia was incorporated on July 29, 1998 to educate the public about Nova Scotia's Icelandic past. By sharing the history of the Icelandic settlers in Nova Scotia during the late 1800s, we hope to assist and encourage their descendents and others to preserve this part of Nova Scotia's heritage.