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Errand Boy in the Mooseland Hills

The book is based on Magnus Bjarnason's experiences as a young boy when he and his family emigrated along with other Icelanders to Markland in 1875. Magnus lived in Markland from the age of 9 to 16. He was sent off to work for households in the area, doing chores and running errands. Originally published in Icelandic and translated by Borga Jakobson, his stories relate the experiences of the unforgettable Icelandic characters he meets and the hard circumstances they faced in this new land.

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Markland - Remembrance of the Years 1875-1881

The English translation of the book 'Markland - Remembrance of the Years 1875-1881' is a first hand account of life in the Icelandic settlement at Markland, Nova Scotia. It has been reprinted for the Society with the kind permission of GuĂ°brandur Erlendsson's descendants.

BOOK - $15.00

The Icelanders of Kinmount - An Experiment in Settlement

The Icelanders of Kinmount - An Experiment in Settlement by Donald E. Gislason
The Icelanders of Kinmount is the story of the ill-fated 1874-5 Ontario settlement which led to the founding of New Iceland on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. The 8.5" x 11" booklet also contains an extensive bibliography as well as the S.S. St. Patrick's Icelandic immigrant passenger list. Many of these families settled in Markland after the failed settlement at Kinmount.
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The Young Icelander

Originally published in Icelandic in three parts as 'Erikur Hansson: A Novel from Nova Scotia' by Johann Magnus Bjarnason, translated by Borga Jakobson. This fictionalized memoir tells the immigrant experience of a young Icelander in Nova Scotia and in the Icelandic settlements of Manitoba. This best selling book earned Bjarnason the reputation as one of Iceland's leading writers of the early 20th century.

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The story of Markland

The Story of Markland on CD was written by Society member Ken Burrows with narration and music by Bill Stevenson. This moving musical story tells of the struggle of the Icelandic settlers during their seven years in Markland, and will leave the listener with a deeper understanding and compassion for these hardy, honest and hard working souls who have contributed so much to the Americas.

CD - $10.00

The Log Cabin at Markland

The Log Cabin at Markland' tells the poignant story of the hard working Icelandic settlers who struggled to eke out a living in the wilderness community of Markland from 1875-1882. It also recounts the endeavors of the Icelandic Memorial Society of Nova Scotia in bringing this story to light as they take on the challenge of building a log cabin on one of the first settler's lots.

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