Icelandic Memorial Society of Nova Scotia
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International Trails Day

Walk at Markland
04 June, 2016

On Saturday, June 4th, members and friends of the Icelandic Memorial Society of Nova Scotia celebrated International Trails Day with a walk through Markland. This marks the 14th year of the annual hike.

Gathering at 10 am, the fresh green of spring welcomed the hikers as they made their way to Greenwater, the homestead of Gudbrandur Erlendsson, author of the book 'Markland Remembrance of the Years 1875 - 1881'.

Following the walk to Greenwater, the group walked on to Lot 3, Homestead Point, for a picnic lunch. Lot 3 is the homestead of Sigurdur Jonsson and Sigridur Brynjolfsdottir and the site of the log cabin. It is here, where their first son, Brynjolfur was born in the fall of 1875. Brynjolfur was the first Icelandic child born in Nova Scotia.

The Trails Day hike is one of our favourite yearly events and a wonderful way to honour the Icelandic settlers who called Markland their home in the late 1800's.